Tony Smith | Hug Your Crew | Suicide Prevention and Awareness Charity

Thank you for visiting Hug Your Crew. 

The power of a warm, enveloping hug is forever underestimated, yet that simple action could save a life.

My name is Tony Smith and I am the founder of Hug Your Crew. By day, I’m a Cabin Supervisor for one of Australia’s major airlines, and by night I am packing your orders so you can enjoy your Hug Your Crew merchandise and I can donate 100% of the profits to charities that champion suicide awareness and prevention.

The reason why I have established Hug Your Crew is because, like a lot of people, I have suffered from depression and/or anxiety. We all know of someone close to us that has either battled the same illness or has unfortunately taken their life because of it. I have been in my line of work for nearly 15 years and over this time I have lost too many colleagues and close friends due to this horrible disorder. Mental Illness doesn't discriminate and affects people across the world, no matter their gender, sexuality, personal or work circumstances.

When I say "crew" I am not just referring to the gorgeous guys and girls that greet you when you are ready to jet set somewhere fabulous. Your crew could be your work colleagues, neighbours, class mates, friends or family.

For Hug Your Crew, I have curated a range of products that are useful in everyday life and when you make a purchase, 100% of the profit is donated to suicide prevention and awareness charities. I try to keep my operational costs low so I have partnered with some amazing businesses that have generously pitched in to bring Hug Your Crew to life and anyone who helps me out does so on a volunteer basis. I run Hug Your Crew from my garage so I don't have fancy offices or facilities that chews up the profit margin. 

I'd love it if you could help me spread the word, so when you receive your products take a photo and #hugyourcrew and tag us @hugyourcrew on Instagram and Facebook.

Remember, don’t forget to Hug Your Crew because a hug has never hurt anyone, but it could save someone.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to helping you help others.


Tony Smith